Off To School


Season 2, Episode 22
Monday, February 19, 2009
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Off To School is an episode of Wonder Pets! from season two.

Characters Present


The Wonder Pets help our old friend the baby blowfish overcome her separation anxiety on her first day of preschool, owned by a caring teacher by the name of Mrs. Seahorse.


  • The baby blowfish's mother and the baby starfish's father are the only parents of the fish preschool attendants shown.
  • This is one of the only episodes of Wonder Pets! to not feature an exclamation after its title.
  • This episode is paired with Save the Pangaroo! on a DVD of the Nick Jr. Favorites series, though it is paired with Save the Pirate Parrot! when it is broadcast on television.
  • This is the only episode in which the major characters go to school.
  • Both the baby blowfish and the squid are seen previously in Save the Wonder Pets!.
  • Though the character is shown in Save the Wonder Pets!, the baby seahorse does not appear in this episode.