The Fly-Cycle

The Fly-Cycle

The Fly-Cycle is a helicopter-like vehicle that the Pets made out of recyclable materials. The Pets had to make this when the Flyboat broke and they needed to fly to save a baby Raccoon. It is possibly called the Fly-Cycle, because, just like with a bicycle, the Pets had to move some parts of it themselves to get the Fly-Cycle moving.


The body of the Fly-Cycle is a silver pie tin. The steering wheel is a red bottle cap that Tuck shifted left and right to steer the Fly-Cycle. The top propeller is made up of a paper towel tube and a green coat hanger stuck in a purple Landry-detergent bottle cap. Ming-Ming sat on the orange toothbrush stuck on the tube to spin the hanger to get the Fly-Cycle to hover and fly. The back propeller is an egg beater that Linny peddles to move the Cycle forward. She doesn't have to peddle it when the Fly-Cycle hovers. Lastly the Fly-Cycle has four metal sticks with different things on the end as wheels. Two buttons, a water bottle cap and the a brown spool of black thread.


Fly-Cycle In Flight

The Fly-Cycle in Flight

The Fly-Cycle has only appeared on Save the Raccoon!, while travelling back to the classroom.