The visitor is a recurring character in the Wonder Pets! series.


In the visitor's first appearance, he crash-lands on Earth in a forest near the schoolhouse. He is looking for a way back home to outer space when the sound of his footsteps awake Tuck. Tuck eventually befriends the visitor and introduces him to Linny and Ming-Ming, who decide that it is up to them to return the alien to space. They transform the Flyboat into a spaceship and reunite the visitor with his parents. In his second appearance, the visitor invites the pets to his home planet for his birthday party, where nothing seems to go right. In his third appearance, the visitor is seen on a photograph in the schoolhouse, but never has a speaking role.


The visitor is a blue-purple color. He has large yellow eyes, two antennae and one foot with five yellow toes.


The visitor appears in three episodes of the Wonder Pets! series: "Save the Visitor!," "Save the Visitor's Birthday Party!" and "A Job Well Done!"

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